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Veracruz Gourmet Coffee
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You know?

The taste of a great coffee 



It's a gourmet coffee that transports to: "an extraordinary and sensorial gastronomic experience that seeks to leave legacy, its flavor is sophisticated, its aroma is elegant, creating a unique atmosphere that leads us to always enjoy the moment and invites us to enjoy our present.

BLOCKCHAIN COFFEE is: repeat that "instant".

Our meticulous selection of grains comes from the area of Coatepec, Xico, Teocelo, Cosautlan, Huatusco and Baxtla, in the State of Veracruz, Mexico.

World-renowned place for being a reference in high quality coffee for its topography, climate and soils as the best for its harvest, having a height of 1200 meters above sea level, it currently has a designation of origin.


We present a coffee
Great taste and innovative concept.



Organic fertilizers from the pulp extracted from coffee, helping the plants to a better growth and free of plagues that arise. The water used for the coffee washing is a treatment plant natural that regulates the pH and this is returned to the river growing.

  • It is 100% Arabica class

  • To give an excellent grain with a temperature

  • between 15 ° - 24 ° C

  • Organoleptic intrinsic qualities

  • Minimum comfort

Quality matters a lot




In the roasting process we are unique in

implement the straw oven (husk that is extracted from the coffee once dried) and is used to generate enough fuel, semi-sustainable agro-industry.


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